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NEW PRODUCT: Heaps Special "Seco" Rope Bag for 300 foot rope

Our regular rope bags are designed to maximize their functionality as rope bags. They float, are fairly easy to stuff, have straps and all, have decent drainage, all that. The new “SECO” line is for doing canyons where flotation is not required but a lighter weight and bulk would be desirable.

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Canyoneering Rope Shrinkage Tests

How much do ropes shrink as we use them? There is no standard test for this, so it becomes very hard to say. I think/guess/observe/no-really-it-is-a-guess about 5% in the first few trips, and not much past that. For my Imlay Canyon Gear ropes that are 100% polyester, sheath and core, thus perhaps more resistant to shrinkage than other ropes. But what is really true? Could we actually collect some data and find out?

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Not-Imlay Canyon, Zion: Rope Retrieval, Scenic Rappels, and the Narrows

Canyoneering? It is getting kinda cold at night, but the fine weather in Zion National Park is holding so, when someone mentioned that ropes were hanging on the last rap in Not-Imlay, we thought we would throw together a trip and go get ‘em sooner rather than later. Invites went out and were quickly returned - guess more people than me have a touch of the cabin fever. Weekday travel would allow driving into Zion Canyon. Sweet temps would allow a reasonable start.

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