Sundance Films 2015 M7: Unexpected


I was somewhat less psyched for Sundance this year than I SHOULDA BEEN, and did almost zero preparation. Alicia called a couple weeks ago and said - "I can buy you 5 tickets in the next half hour - what do you want". Well, basically, she made some suggestions and I accepted. My usual Sundance fare is heavy on documentaries and heavy, heavy flicks. Last year's theme was "Violence", and I am quite happy to move on from THAT theme. Alicia tends more towards dramas... UNEXPECTED is the coming of age story of a young woman, Samantha... but at least this time she is 30 years old, has a masters in Biology, and is teaching high school science when the test comes up positive - she's pregnant! (Hmmm. Masters in Biology and unintended pregnancy don't really go that well together... hope all you fertile ladies out there are using a method that is actually effective...)

Anyway, she has a charming and supportive boyfriend who 'does the right thing', they work through a bunch of stuff including her upcoming unemployment as they are closing her school. Her sidekick is one of her senior students who is also pregnant, and resigned to life in the ghetto while Sam really wants to get her into college. Culture conflict ensues.  An interesting study of what happens when the unexpected intervenes in our busy modern lives. A fine drama, well crafted.

Likely to be released in theatres on a small scale.

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