Sundance Films 2015 M6: Stockholm, Pennsylvania


A coming of age story of a young woman, with an interesting premise. Leia was kidnapped at age 4 and held in a basement for 17 years. She was told the outside world had essentially ended, and she had to stay in. Ben took care of everything, until discovered. Leia is rescued and returned to her "family" - what happens next? Quite a take-off point. It could have gone many places from there, but I gotta say, I think the filmmaker got it right. Everything she knows was taken away from Leia, and it was replaced by... a couple, her parents, who spent the last 17 years failing to recover from her absence. Disfunction proceeds. There are funny moments, but really, the film is deeply sad. People with good intentions, that have no clue, no empathy, no connection to base their new relationship on.

Saoirse Ronan stars as Leia, in an austere, quiet, intense performance. The cinematography is excellent and intimate. Both Saoirse, the cinematography and the performance are hauntingly similar to M2: The Summer of Sangaile. Saoirse stars in another young-woman-coming-of-age Sundance movie I am seeing on Tuesday, Brooklyn.

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