Morocco Canyon, North Wash, UT


Another beautiful fall morning in North Wash. Before heading off on our Nefarious Enterprise, a quick canyon in North Wash was in order. Looking through Wyoming Dave's recent finds, we chose Morocco as the best venture. A quick trip to Hog Springs (for the usual) and we parked at the 'trench' of Casablanca Canyon and followed Dave's directions up the cliff - and around to the head of the canyon.

Dave having fun, as usual!

I really enjoyed the simple elegance of the Dave's anchors. Here's a rock stack for the first rap.

A few nice downclimbs. In this case, then hop to the right to keep out of the pothole.

Lovely rock and features in this canyon.

Amazing, the amount of action in this short, little canyon.

Another rap, kinda dodgy chockstone!!! (not)

And another rap. Being close to the Henry Mountains, there are quite a few igneous-rock boulders lying about, which make for solid, secure chockstones.

Dave downclimbing a crease. His extendo-reach allowed static climbing to the ground. I chose to rap.

Again, an elegant, minimal rock stack. I could live with black or grey webbing...

Dave squeezing through a doorway, into a dry pothole. 
We had dry conditions. It might be kinda a wade-fest after a good rain.

The last rap anchor was kinda messed up. A long piece of ugly webbing extended back somewhere. We looked for a more-aesthetic solution.

Here, Dave is working to remove the tat of a knot-chock that was obviously not in use. We ended up cutting through the knot to remove the webbing.

The primary anchor was a knot-block (or knot-chock) fairly close to the edge. While I am not a big fan of knot-chocks, this one seemed pretty good. Still - needs a backup. 

Examining the base of the block, I found a thread-through a few feet back that 1" tubular just barely fit through. This I tied off and equalized with the Knot-block while Dave was working on that piece of tat.

Interesting plant at the last rap. Well, interesting to me. Will be easier to identify when it has blooms on it.

Dave rapping that last rap. And yes, we do sometimes rap double!