Lake Powell: Cathedral Apse


We went off and camped. Next day, we actually had good weather! But, we needed to get the boat back, WAY down-lake by 5:00 pm. Thus we needed something short, like the Cathedral Apse.

We motored down-lake, then up a side canyon…

When there’s land, we beach the boat and head out. We’re wondering if we need to put on wet suits. (Yes).

We find a little side canyon that is very, very dark, and start to clamber up it. Tom G with a smile. Finally some good canyoneering.

Stephanie chimneying in the dark.

The seldom seen, pulling the 13d exit moves from some pool. Okay, maybe 5.6d.

Stemming out, back to the main canyon.

Stephanie does the drop.

Out of the wetsuits and back in the boat for another couple hours of pleasant motoring downlake.

Some people do this for fun! Megan hunkers down against the wind.

Our Captain takes us home.