Glen Canyon Canyoneering: Badger Canyon


Our plan was to do Waterholes Canyon the next day, but the weather did not cooperate, and so we chose the milder adventure of Badger Canyon. We went to Lee's Ferry to camp, and awoke to rain. So, what's a canyoneer to do...

How about a big, greasy breakfast. Yeah!

Megan and Gendron had a job or something they had to get back to, but after the sun came out, the rest of us were up for something. Just down the road was Badger Canyon. Couple of raps, visit the river, climb the ropes to get out.

Little limestone canyon. Cuts under the highway.

Kinda nice little canyon.

Oops. First drop. (We climbed around this one).

Aaron Rapping the first drop.

Limestone!!! How novel.

Another short rappel.

And the Mighty Colorado River. We had lunch.

Climb the ropes to get back. All in all, a fun day and a fun trip, if challenged by weather and circumstance. Thanks, Phoenicians, for inviting me along.