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Kolob Creek Boundary near Zion National Park, UT

In researching the very fine book The Kolob Tragedy, I encountered an interesting rumor that, during the KT lawsuit, the Park had claimed officially that the rappel section of Kolob Creek was not in the Park. If true, this would mean that getting a permit to run Kolob would not be required, as there would be no technical canyoneering inside the Park.

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Kolob Canyon Rappel Route and History

Frank from Colorado was paying his first canyoneering visit to Zion, and wanted to get in a "big boy" before escaping, so Amanda suggested Kolob. While it is kinda  long day, it would be less tortuous than our last couple of days out - sounds good. I drove over to Lava Point and camped in the cool of the high altitude, while Frank and Amanda drove up early in the morning.

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Kolob Canyon, Zion National Park, UT

After spending the last month in near freezing weather in Alaska, it was time to get reacquainted with the warm weather of Southern Utah. I arrived back in Salt Lake on October 11th, and quickly checked the forecast for Zion the next weekend. The 10-day showed beautiful weather, after a quick little storm moved through. 84 degrees?

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