A Nice Stroll.

Corral is beautiful in the fall and seldom-visited. If you are looking for a place to not encounter other parties, this is a good one. Unlike most Zion canyons, the middle section of Corral is a shallow canyon on a slickrock bench, rather than deeply entrenched, and is open to the sun. Hot in summer.


Canyon Profile


3AIV ★★☆☆☆

8-12 Hours



200 feet (60 m)

Begins at Lava Point, ends at Temple of Sinawava. Car spot or shuttle service required.


Helmets, rappelling gear, webbing and rapid links.

Minimum, summer-level wetsuit or warmer

Sparse until you reach The Narrows, but you enter the Narrows just above Big Spring which has excellent water.


Low/moderate - The canyon has no sections of sustained narrows, but the exit is out The Narrows which is not passable in flood.

Good navigation skills.

Bring webbing and quicklinks.

Seasonal Adjustments

Fall: The preferred season, with reasonable temperatures and great fall foliage.

Winter: Snowpack in winter makes both the approach and the canyon extremely difficult.

Spring: Not advised, can be difficult to access Lava Point and The Narrows and tributaries are often swollen by spring runoff

Summer: HOT! The canyon is in full sun for most of its length.


The Approach

Drive to Lava Point and hike down the West Rim Trail 3.4 miles to a point just past the dramatic viewpoint straight down The Left Fork. Head east into the woods, and follow the streamcourse to the head of the south fork of Corral Hollow.

It is somewhat brushy - long pants are recommended.


The Business

Follow the drainage. The upper section features downclimbs and four raps up to 120 feet, from bolts and natural anchors.

The middle section is a shallow canyon set in the slickrock bench. Following the watercourse is a pain in the butt – instead, walk out left (north) and walk down the bench to the big drop at the end.

The big drop section starts with a dramatic view 800 feet to The Narrows below.

R5: from tree, 150' (45 m) to another tree on canyon left. Ignore intermediate bolt.

R6: from tree, 200' (60 m) to ledge.

R7: two-stage, low angle (100', 30 m) rappel down slabs and across ledges.

Scramble down ledges and step across (exposed) to a ledge with bolt anchor.

R8: rap 170' (55 m) to regain the canyon floor.

The final section scrambles and raps down a small, wooded canyon to The Narrows. Several short rappels will be required.


The Exit

Corral Hollow hits The Narrows just above Big Springs. Walk down The Narrows.


Trip Reports

I first descended Corral Hollow with Brian Cabe and Kip Marshall on September 14th, 2002. I had food poisoning. It was hot. I did not have a good time. I have not been back since.

Exterior Links

Corral Hollow is a rarely-visited canyon.  We have not located any trip reports.


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