Winter in Escalate: Brimstone, Spooky, and Peekaboo Canyons


These guys, Michelle and Charly, invited me to enjoy some of the warm spring weather down in Excalante. The best laid plans... But I figured, even with a crappy weather forecast, since their drive was twice mine, I really needed to show.



We set up camp at the Egypt Trailhead, in anticipation of the pool-drop canyon Neon, should the weather allow.

Tom Campbell enjoys the balmy weather and a tasty bowl of Crunchy-Flakes.

Saturday we headed out to the Dry Forks of Coyote under threatening skies. Brimstone First, the Spooky, returning down Peekaboo - at least that was the plan!!!

Sunday, after a frosty extended breakfast, though no one was really up for swimming through the Neon slot, walking out to see it seemed like a good idea. The walk out is along Fence Canyon. We walked, we saw, we returned. Twas excellent!