Shelf Canyon: Short but Fun! Zion National Park, UT


It's a small canyon. One rappel. Some nice narrows. I've done it twice now, and both times did not get much in the way of pictures. And stuck the rope, both times. 

My niece Rylin was in town, and we wanted to do something, something short. It was broiling hot. Shelf Canyon seemed like a good idea, though the scenic approach would be a bit on the toasty side, so we took the Upper Pine Creek approach. Like one does for Spry, up the steep slab from Pine Creek to the first bench, then left and toward the Beehive, and into the canyon. A bit of downclimbing to get down to the first and only rappel. Long slingage off a mostly-dead tree we cleaned off, and installed a single line of black webbing. Rapped in. The rope would not pull. I climbed up and reset it, this time without twists, rapped back in. Pulled just fine this time. Hiked out. 45 minute hike to the first rappel. 1:45 total car to car, including fixing the rap.

Dec 15, 2016

Wasn't real psyched to do MUCH, but certainly wanted to get out. Cassy was game and we met for a Shelf Canyon, using the fabulous Scenic East Temple approach. Traipsed up the slickrock. Traipsed down the other side. Found some amazing CAT prints. Got to the canyon. Rapped in. Wouldn't pull. Climbed back up, reset the rappel with the pull carefully separated. Rapped back in. Hiked out just in time to avoid headlamps.  A great way to stretch the legs.  1:45 to the first rappel. 3 hours overall.  (All photos this trip Cassy Brown).