Psycho Damage Canyon, Glen Canyon


A visit with a (psychotic) old friend... how sweet!

Bucky joined the fun last night, so now we are 4! Another gorgeous day in the desert, we drive around to a new entry point we have not used before, and ‘route-find’ our way to the start of Psycho Damage, an Old Friend.

Out there!

Up the nose to hike around to the top of Pyscho Damage.
(Photos this section all Ram. My big camera stayed at the bottom, as it did not fit!)

Bucky and Eric downclimbing the start of Psycho.


Eric sneaking around a corner.

In section two, Bucky, Eric, Tom enjoying some nice chimneying.

Tommy doing a bit of light stemming. Wetsuit butt still intact (that won’t last).

I love this shot by Ram. Looking into the abyss, pack dangling below, Psycho Damage canyon.

The upper part of the canyons was pretty dry, but you have to wear the rubber suit to protect the epidermis. So finding a couple of big pools was a delight. Tom, cooling off. (photo: Ram)

Completing the two upper sections puts us at the top of the intense, final section. We have a little lunch and make the usual excuses. “Feeling slow and stiff today”, “My ankle’s a little weak”, “Hot out today”, “Drank too much last night”. None of them seem to stick. We psyche up—time to go!!!

Home Sweet Home.
And IN we go. As usual, no pictures in there!

Post-Psycho smile from the Ramster.

We parked under this *lovely* Russian Olive tree to get some partial shade, re-pack and dry out gear, enjoy the moment.

Bucky: it was THIIIIIIIIIIS Big!

There were some lovely Redbud trees blooming here and there – this one near the mouth of Psycho Damage.

Wildflowers OUT! So I took pictures. Here’s a shot of Crescent Milkvetch. Check em out at the new Glen Canyon Flower-Pedia