Hog Canyons, North Wash


Looking for a canyon that would be dry, we thought - HEY! How about Hog 2! COULD be the driest canyon around, maybe maybe not. We decided to do the Ridge of Many Huge Holes Ramble to get up there, which would save us a car spot.

So down to the biffy at Hog Springs. The usual. We even found a passing tourist to take our picture. Yo, Alicia - WAKE UP! Time to go!

Tres sombras de los tres amigos.

Someone left a scooter tire there, in North Wash.

Up the next canyon north from Hog Springs canyon is the Way of the Ramble.

Nice undercut a few minutes up canyon.

We wander upcanyon to the first dryfall. Alicia selects to the LEFT as the way to bypass.

Click for BIG view of this image

Most of the canyon is big and wide. Across the desert - that's us! Blue skies above.

Where the canyon narrows up, we find a sunny alcove out of the wind for lunch.

Then up the slabs toward the Ridge...

Up on the ridge, the many HUGE potholes did not disappoint. Holes, with Hank and Alicia hamming it up.

The ridge, the holes; looking across to the ridge east of the Hogs.

Goofy shadows.

We follow the ridge over to the main massif. Hwy 95 in North Wash, way down there.

Near the head of... nice views of slickrock and The Henries...

Now where are we??? Alicia on navigation duty today.

We took a look at dropping into Hog 2, but the sketchy ledge to get over into the canyon was wet and it did not seem like a good idea, really.

Slickrock at the head of Hog 2. We geared up, poked our nose in, decided NOT.

We rambled down the main ridge, then found a route over to the main Hog in time to enjoy the lower waterfall and a nice reed jungle towards the end.

There were, surprisingly, a few flowers around. I think they were kind of "freeze-dried", not REALLY in bloom. This is Scarlet Gilia or Skyrocket (Ipomopsis aggregata (Phlox family).

Thanks for visiting. Drop on by anytime, and bring some firewood. Next North Wash trip it's going to be COLD!!