Maidenwater Canyon, North Wash Canyoneering, UT

After returning from Trachyotomy, we settled down at the always familiar Sandthrax site. More folks were set to arrive after sunset, and the party was only just beginning. Joining the group that night were the Arharts, Alicia, Rick, Bette, Joan, Debbie, Tom and Justin. As plans were made for Day Two, I was insistent on staying dry, and was excited to do a Maidenwater Canyon Yo-Yo. Meanwhile, Dave and company were set to go attempt a canyon he had been scouting with a working name of "Woody." So the crews were divvied up, and we went on our way.

The Sandthrax campsite at Sunrise.


Checking out the diversion tunnel in Middle Maidenwater Canyon.

Middle Maidenwater Canyon makes for some fun upclimbs.

Bette reaching for a hand hold. Tom spotting from below.


The crew, negotiating another upclimb.


And another, this time Rick showing us how it’s done.

There are probably 6 or 7 good challenges in this canyon, going in reverse. Easy with a good climber, but not too easy as to be boring.

Tom, Alicia, Joan, Roger and Jane.

Roger negotiating the most difficult obstacle.

Roger giving a congratulatory head pounding to Alicia.

One of our guns for the day, Brian.

Nice duct tape Rick. How’d those wranglers hold up?


Rick, on yet another fun obstacle.

Getting closer to the head of the canyon. I think.

The lemmings, making it up the final obstacle in Middle.


Our other climbing gun for the day, Justin.

Alicia, don’t look at me like that.


Rick, this time going down South Maidenwater Canyon.

The camera kid, completely overwhelmed by all the ladies…


Alicia, doing a little airwalk.

These canyons are very good, but let’s be honest, every obstacle looks identical to the last.


Mama Arhart, making her appearance.

Roger in admiration.

Rick taking a handline. Surprisingly, there was very little water. Knee deep at the deepest.

More good light. Good narrows.

The canyon slowly relenting.


Rick, you make duct tape look good. Seriously.

Malia, near the end of the goods.

Justin coming down the last obstacle of the day. Great canyon day!

The party never stops at Sandthrax. Birthday hats and Ratatouille ring toss making an appearance.