Kaleidoscope Canyon (Choprock Canyon), Escalante, UT


Another morning, another early start, another day humping the pack through some wonderful terrain. Today's objective was the mysterious Moe Slot, an unusual find I had not heard of before. It promised cold swims, strenuous climbing and beautiful sandstone slots.

Ahhhh, the beginning of another adventure. Slickwalk walking in the early morning sun.

Complex terrain ahead. John and Mike on the lookout. (The Moe Slot)

A sweeping esplanade of slickrock, promising easy entry somewhere up ahead... (The Moe Slot)

A little slabby downclimbing, and we're in the canyon bottom. (The Moe Slot)

No swimming yet. The canyon slots up, and some pools appear. At this hour, this time of year, they're frozen pretty solid. We don't complain. (The Moe Slot)

We have lunch before our first long section of wading. Lots of cookies and chocolate rev our engines to stay warm in wetsuits that suddenly seem really thin. Into the water we go. (The Moe Slot)

Some nice slots in this thing. (The Moe Slot)

Downclimbs, a few short rappels. Only one actual swim in these super dry conditions, and it was RATHER CHILLY! (The Moe Slot)

And a little wading, just to keep things interesting. (The Moe Slot)

A final slot proves an interesting obstacle. We rappel off chockstones into a narrow but deep (and need I say FRIGID) pool, and swim for the sun. (The Moe Slot)

Return to the land of the living. After a visually bleak couple of hours in the Moe slot, it was nice to get out where there are trees, and grass, and frogs, things like that. Back to camp. Another incredible slot, another incredible day. (The Moe Slot)

Naming Post-Script: While I originally experienced this canyon under the name "Moe Slot," our group referred to it as Choprock Canyon for many years. When we discovered, years later, the original descentionists called it Kaleidoscope Canyon (as it presents something new with every twist), we found the name appropriate, and now mostly use that.