Hogwarts Canyon, North Wash, UT


Back to North Wash for another weekend. Thanksgiving brought a whole bunch of rain, but it cleared off quickly. Friday, I rendezvoused with hank and alicia around noon. Target for the day: a short little thing called "Hogwarts" that Dave have figured out a few weeks ago.

Hank and Alicia, bridging the bridge at Hog Springs.

We followed Dave's directions, breaking holds here and there, climbed up a loose gully and over the ridge and down into the head of the canyon. Everything was very, very, very wet. We rapped from a little single-leaf Ash tree, backed up to...

Me - the meat anchor, tucked in behind a boulder.

We tossed rocks into the pothole from above to create stepping stones. Careful rapping with the rope bag allows us to keep things as dry as possible.

Good to be out in the wild again - everybody's having fun!!

Another big rap... Hank on rap.

Down a little downclimb, then stem past this little pool.

Interesting huecos...

Interesting hueco niche, just like in a SLC starter home...

We re-anchored some of the drops, not sure that the in-place anchors would be all that good with all the wetness now. A tied-off hueco anchor.

We hemmed and hawed on the final rap, which was (previously) anchored off a deadman/cairn anchor, now in a pothole. We re-jiggered the rap so it would end on this ledge halfway down, and tied off a rock up on the slope for the anchor. 

Hank a-rappin' to the ledge, as dusk closes in.

Alicia coming down to join us.

Then we headed back to camp, and ate well.