Hogfest, North Wash, UT


It was cold, windy and snowy. Hard to get motivated, sitting in Salt Lake, to head south and go freeze in the desert. But we'd promised Ram, so... Hank and I procrastinated as long as possible, finally packing up and departing about 8 pm to go pick up Katie in Ephraim and switch vehicles, finally getting down to a rather chilly Leper Colony about 1 AM.

Up in the morning, chilly, but blue skies all around.

The gang at the top: Hairy Hank Moon, Hairy John Baise, Jason from Bluff-no-longer, Bruce from Bryce, Wyoming Dave, el Ramoo, and myself, Tom Terrific. Background: Mt. Hillers, 5000 feet above us.

Today was a day for a Hogfest. Ram wanted to check out Hog 4, and then do as many of the Hogs as time allowed. Katie took the day off just to enjoy a sparkling day in the desert. And to avoid the dude fest?

Here’s Hog 4, dropping into Boss Hawg (aka Hog 1). A new canyon for us.

Head of the canyon, a little ledge traverse to enter.

Ram and Wyoming Dave get ready for the canyon.

Smokers to the ghetto, while John sets up the next rappel.

John and Ram work on the first rappel anchor. As is usual in this area, there seem to always be rocks in the right places to anchor rappels. A naturally-friendly area.

Nice little rappel.

Some nice slotty stuff, for which the Hogs are known.

Bruce from Bryce.

Another rappel, and Hog 4 dumped into Boss Hawg. Down Boss we got the really nice long, narrow drop, then out into the sun at the bottom. “Miss Piggy” was in the bank. After a quick bite to eat, we headed back up, up the nose between 1 and 2. Here John and Dave provide an anchor for a handline…

…and Bruce from Bryce charges up the handline.

And we wander up the slickrock, back to the top for a Hog 2.

Ram in the little Subway section, of Hog 2

The Merry Hankster downclimbing the last awkward little slot in Hog 2, John spotting.

And down…

John and Hank.

Climbing up the slickrock, again.
Back up for another round.
Ram, John and Jason hiked back up for a Hog 3. Bruce and Hank hiked out the bottom; and Dave and I hiked back up to the car to check out Hog 5. To the different winds we went.

Looking down the throat of Hog 5 – neither fun nor interesting-looking.

Pioneer inscription in North Wash.