Foolin' Around, North Wash Canyoneering


Strange things can happen on Halloween... Pictures by Alicia Scotter and Mr Matt R "Tony" Brechja.

Let us all be calm, in these difficult times…

I’m kinda thinkin’ a dude thought up THIS Halloween costume…

Some of Alicia’s sixth graders…

But, OK, enough frivolity – we’re supposed to be talking about canyons. Our canyon choice for the day – “Foolin’ Around“.
The Team: Dave Buckingham, Tom Jones, Deb Davis, Matt Brechja, Greg ‘Legend’ Cornelius, Carol Petrelli, Alicia Scotter (taking picture).

We start hiking in on the seismic road (cowed up).

We soon arrive at the head of the canyon, and then figure out a reasonable way in
(as shown - follow left shoulder then downclimb to bench level, then walk bench to place to easily descend slope into canyon bottom).

Padding up, preparing to drop into the canyon.

The canyon soon slots up...

Greg and Tom in the Slot.

We come to an awkward rappel. Tom provides a meat anchor to speed things up. Tom is happy we have two 100-lbers that rappel off him.

Greg rapping off the actual anchor.

Downcanyon, a few interesting arches. Tom clambering downward.

Big drop territory. We had always hiked around this to the left, because it had water in it, and would be a pain. This time it was dry, and folks were game to set up an anchor and stay "in the watercourse". It had always looked like potentially troublesome potholes...

We slid into a pothole, farmed some rocks, and built a deadman. Here, Tom (that's me) is tying off the bottom rock.

The peanut gallery observes the frivolities from a safe distance.

Matt, our pothole escape frivolity expert, raps first. Tom supervising.

OH NO!!! It's a KEEPER! Matt pulls the 5.12 moves to escape the pothole...

Well, actually, all the potholes could be dodges with a little bouncing rappel. Davey B on rappel.

Squeezing into a narrow section. What a fun canyon!!

Deb showing good form, at the start of the final section narrows. Swim ahead!!

Deb drops into the dark narrow slot, while Tom lounges in a hueco.

We split up for the hike out. Some for-went the final 100' rappel, and hiked back to the car. The rest of us hiked downcanyon, then over the ridge (with a few navigational challenges) to Sandthrax Canyon and camp. Halloween frivolities followed, including a wonderful potluck dinner.

Morning found the promised storm at least threatening, if not imminent. We considered several possibilities, then settled on a hike in the Swell.

Today, Matt's wonderful new puppy, Mr. Biggs, came with us. Here we have Mr. Biggs and Alicia.

Just for fun, we went for the balanced rap over the Wild Horse Window. Davey stands on the rope, Alicia contributes 25 lbs, and Tom is the ultimate anchor, while Carol rappels.

Mr. Biggs and some guy.

Psycho Pigeons at Great Harvest Bakery. photo: Alicia.


Thanks for playing - better (weather) luck next time!