Boundary Canyon, Zion National Park, UT


You can't come all the way from California to Zion and not see Boundary Canyon. Well, I guess you can, but that's not what we did... I took the girls up to Kolob country for cooler temps and some refreshing AGUA.

Yuhua from Stanford, Anna from Italy – onto Boundary Canyon, up in the Kolob. Here’s a view of the canyon from the head. Yup! That’d be a canyon, alright!

Anna on the first rappel. I like rapping straight down the watercourse.

And Yuhua on the same rap.

Down into the canyon, and the wetness, and THE COLD! Yuhua on the second rappel. We had say 3cfs of water, and the water was exceptionally cold. Tom was a little under-dressed, therefore grumpy. Word of the Day: GO!

So cold, in fact, that I took no pictures. Until we got to the end. Anna and Yuhua enjoying the sun.

The hike down to Kolob Creek was tedious, lots of downed trees. Very green.
At Kolob Creek, we put our wetsuits back on for the hike down the watercourse.

Yuhua is SO STRONG, she held up this huge slab of snow until Anna and I crept underneath.

Creeping out from under the snow-arch.

Carefully paced strolling brought us to the MIA exit just as it went into the shade.

Closeup of Anna and Yuhua, BEFORE the MIA exit.

Halfway up, posing afront the MIA slot aka Pipe Spring Slot.

What would a Rave be, without some flowers? Deep in the woods:
False Soloman-Seal – Smilacina stellata
Lily Family

Overall plant view. Canyon done, MIA done, a hot hike out, then good food!