Sundance Films 2015 M9: Hellions


I try to see one horror movie each year at Sundance. Not that I am into horror movies, but heck, if I am going to see one, it otta be a good one, and in a crowded theatre. I saw a quite good one a couple years ago, so maybe I am trying to recreate the past. This year's choice was Hellions, mostly because it fit into my schedule. This is the coming of age story of a young woman, complicated by an unexpected pregnancy. Lead played by Chloe Rose, who at least carried a different look than my other female protagonists. She chose the wrong time and place for a pregnancy - apparently some kind of hell-mouth opens on Halloween in her little town, and they want her baby! The usual only-slightly coherent horror story proceeds. The slightly-slutty angel costume was a nice touch. Don't go outside!!!  Damn, she went outside!!!

I like that for the next couple of hours, the senses are heightened. The birds flitting about the tree, the wind in the leaves, the sound of footsteps behind me - after a horror flick these all seem to take on MEANING! It is good to see such a film in the middle of the day, with another film after, so one does not have to go to bed with this stuff running laps around the brain... though this one was not so 'intense' that I really thought it would produce juicy nightmares.

One more to go!

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