Imlay Pack Line 2016 – Changes by Model – The Little Folk


The little news is --- only little changes on the little packs.  By which I mean the Spry, Mystery and Leprechaun.

As on the bigger packs, the shoulder straps have been reshaped to fit women better, making them truly androgynous, rather than masculine. D-rings added to the sternum straps for ease of adjustment and easy of rope stuffing. Reinforcements added to the hipbelt (Spry and Mystery) where they tend to wear out. Belt loops on the hipbelts.




Well. A few small things. The vinyl side armor on the Spry and Mystery has been made a bit taller, to work better as a pocket. While I did not intend this armor piece as a pocket, that is the way people use it. Please don't use it as a pocket when actually in the canyon, rappelling and swimming, as things tend to fall out of it then.


The Leprechaun has some notable changes.  On the zipper side, I moved the bottom of the zipper up. It seems like the lower couple inches of zipper did not actually add any utility, but did tend to be where the zipper got beat up the most. That lower panel is now the same size as the panel on the other side, and padded with foam. I re-designed the inside zipper pocket so it would work better. My attempt at a *stylish* slanty zipper made it not work so well, so now the zipper goes straight across. Simple, better.


The drainage vent on the bottom of the Lep is now Vinyl, with holes, as used on the other packs. Should be more-durable than the mesh we used before.




And, that's it. Of course, keeping them in stock might be a good idea, and we're up for that.