2016 Imlay Shenanigans Pack for canyoneering


New for 2016, a version of our workhorse pack, the Kolob, sized for women. All the changes to the Kolob apply, of course. And then the changes as stated for the Shinumo apply, of course.

New Shenanigans and Kolob packs

New Shenanigans and Kolob packs

The Shenny uses the exact same pack body as the Kolob, with adjustments made to the suspension side to fit women. The shoulder straps are shorter and curvier, the hipbelt is shorter and curvier. The shoulder straps are placed 1-1/2" (40mm) lower than on the Kolob, thus closer to the hipbelt, for a shorter back. Note that this is also shorter than the Shinumo, who's back-height is the same as the Kolob. (No picture of this because they did not make the sample right).

Color blocked out just like the Shinumo, but the sides are black.

Hmmm, not much of a post here, because it is all covered in the previous posts.  Now available to order on the CanyoneeringUSA Store.