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Choosing Lightweight, Waterproof Dry Bags for Canyoneering

Drybags are an essential tool for canyoneering, but nobody really makes the perfect canyoneering drybag. There are lightweight ones for ultralight hikers, but they tend to be too lightweight, too easily holed, and not necessarily designed for actually going underwater. Ones for rafting and kayaking are really waterproof, but tend to be heavy and stiff, too heavy and stiff for canyoneering. Several years ago, we carried the Pacific Outdoor Equipment orange drybags and they worked pretty well. Recently, we purchased a batch of similar drybags...


Rope water absorption tests – Polyester vs. Nylon

Polyester vs. Nylon Ropes – Which Absorb More Water? How much water does a rope absorb? It has always seemed that polyester ropes hold less than nylon ropes, but is this actually true? How big is that difference? I decided to find out yesterday… Rope Water Absorption Test – July 13, 2011 Test Method: At least 30m of a particular rope is coiled, weighed, then immersed in a cooler full of water, and held under by weights, for one hour (+10 min, – 0 min)....


Sterling ATS – a rappel device for canyoneering, reviewed

Sterling gave me an ATS, their new Pirana-inspired rappel device, to try out. Here is my report to Sterling (slightly edited): Matt Andrews Sterling Ropes, Biddeford Maine August 31, 2010 Dear Matt – Thank you for the opportunity to try out the ATS descender. I am a big fan! Test Conditions I have been able to get a few canyons in, and then we had an epic, and then we cleaned up after the epic which gave it a good workout. The log is: -...