Petzl Canyon Harness

Petzl Canyon Harness


In 2006, the Canyon Harness was updated with a cushy pad on the waistbelt and a big change to the tie-in point, which is now webbing-covered-webbing, rather than the metal ring. This makes for a stout, comfortable harness, with a built-in PVC seat protector. Perhaps a bit heavy, but it makes up for it in all-day comfort. Sizing is one-size-fits-all.

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This is an item we do not stock, but that we can order in (if Petzl has it in their warehouse). Shoot us an email if you want to buy it, though I consider the Singing Rock Canyon XP to be both a better harness and a better value, which we do stock.

One peculiarity of the sizing and design is it will fit a limited number of people. While the waist size and the leg loop size are easily adjustable, the rise is fixed and thus those outside "average" build may struggle finding a comfortable fit. The further you are from your "median guy," the worse it will fit you. Small and especially skinny women should have the worst fit. SO... be sure to try it on and hang in it for awhile to make sure it fits before deciding it is good for you.

Replacement Seat available.

Petzl says: CANYON® Canyoning harness is a comfortable and abrasion resistant canyoning harness. 


  • Removable seat to protect the wet suit, 

  • Comfortable foam waistbelt,  

  • Durable, water-resistant, hard wearing fabrics,  

  • Dyneema attachment point,  

  • Protected leg loop adjustment buckles,  

  • Reinforced equipment loops.  

  • DoubleBack buckle on the waistbelt and leg loops,  

  • Single attachment point facilitates rope handling and is positioned high for comfort during rappels.  Certification: CE-UIAA

    Sizing: please see Harness Chart in Detailed Images.


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