Imlay Shinumo 2016 Backpack

Imlay Shinumo 2016 Backpack

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This is the 2016 Version, which matches the new size small, to fit many women in the 5'0" to 5'4" range. This version available at 20% less than the 2018 price. The only significant difference is that the 2018/9 Shinumo has more-comfortable shoulder straps. For day-canyoneering this would likely not be a problem. If you want it for backpacking, you would do better with the newer version.

A 47-liter internal frame canyoneering-specific pack, the Shinumo, is the High Priestess of Imlay's line, offering excellent comfort in addition to canyon compatibility like no other. Big enough for long day-canyons carrying too much stuff, and for lightweight canyoneering overnights.

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The Shinumo is the women's version of our Heaps pack, built for smaller, curvier bodies. The pack body is 2" shorter, then made wider and deeper to reclaim the volume lost to shortening. The suspension has been re-engineered to fit women, especially smaller women. The hipbelt is shorter and curvier. The shoulder straps are narrower at the ends, but wide where they cross the shoulder (re-shaped for 2018).

Now Available in Two Sizes

  • Size Small is fit for amazing median women in the 5'0" to 5'4" range.

  • Size Medium is for amazing median women in the 5'4" to 5'8" range.

  • Taller than 5'8"? I expect the Heaps pack will fit you better.

How it fits your body is hard to say, without trying it on with weight in it.

Imlay Hybrid Packs feature perforated PVC-laminate fabric on the highest abrasion areas - the bottom and the bottom of the sides. The three pleated outside pockets have been enlarged, and built a little different to drain better, yet offer more space.


  • Insta-Drain design: mesh sides and bottom vents allow water to drain instantly.

  • Worthy suspension: well padded, with a dual aluminum-stay Tube-Light frame design and nicely shaped hipbelt.

  • Pockets, but not zippers: three body pockets are pleated and close with a strap and buckle, rather than the easily destroyed zippers.

  • Zippered Lid: clips off easily to stow in your drybag.

  • Tri-Fold Bivy Pad: 1/4 inch pad fits in the back providing a comfy carry and a bit of flotation - and unfolds to offer minimal comfort in unplanned bivies.

  • Water Tank compatible.

  • Hipbelts: The Shinumo (both sizes) comes with a Women's Small hipbelt. If this hipbelt does not fit you, please email us and let me know how much bigger you need, and we can probably build you a larger (or smaller??) hipbelt.

  • Weight: 3 lb 13 oz (1740 g)

  • Volume: 47 liters Body and lid; 65 liters including the pleated outside pockets.


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