Imlay 15 Liter Drybag with valve

Imlay 15 Liter Drybag with valve


Imlay Canyon Gear Dry Bags (Fixed)

Dry Bags with valves. Not too light, not too heavy. Welded TPU double-coated 210d fabric. Rounded bottom means no corners to fail. Bright yellow, so you can write your name on your bag.

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(RECALL: As received, the welds are defective on some bags. We are fixing this by putting a bead of Aquaseal on the length of the seam (on the inside). Please return your stock bags for repair. All shipped bags will be updated bags.)

(UPDATE: I am discontinuing selling the 25 liter bag. Even the tested ones have been failing. If you would like a refund on yours, please email us. 15 liter bags seem to be doing OK.)

For Canyoneering. Requires careful use to be truly waterproof including:

  • Don't set em down on cactii. Always use the drybag INSIDE a pack.

  • Fold the top down at least 3 times very precisely, then at least 3 more times. Fold down as many times as possible.

  • Open the valve and expend as much air as possible from the drybag.

  • Close the valve!

  • Do not drop your pack (with the drybag inside) into a pool from a significant height.

  • Do not jump into a pool with your pack on, with the drybag inside.

  • Valuables should not be trusted to a single level of drybag barrier.

  • Put air into the drybag for personal flotation when needed. With air in it, the drybag is more susceptible to failing.

  • ONLY use the drybag when needed. Fold the drybag up and carefully store in your pack until the first pool is encountered.

    Capacity: 15 liters (good for most day trips in summer) 

    Flat size: 12-3/4" x 22"

    Weight: 3.8 ounces (108 grams)


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