EZ Out Rescue Serrated Folding Knife

EZ Out Rescue Serrated Folding Knife


Gerber makes great knives. Though not so many are good for canyoneering. I used to offer two versions of the EZ Out Knife, but they dropped the rounded-tip rescue knife I liked… so now I offer only the super-pointy one.

A: Rescue Knife, rounded tip, serrated, yellow. No longer available.

B. Sharp Point, half-serrated, black. The conventional blade shape may have greater appeal to some people. Does a great job of cutting webbing.

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I modify the knives with a hole and a string so it can be clipped with a carabiner, tied so that it holds the blade closed. Plastic handle with grippy inserts. Locks open.

Weight: 2.6 ounces (74 grams)


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