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Colorado Columbine – Ranunculaceae Aquilegia coerule

Colorado Columbine – Aquilegia coerule Family: Ranunculaceae (Buttercup Family) While many other Columbines are pretty common in the hanging gardens of Zion, the more-alpine blue Colorado Columbine is limited to the north-facing slopes north of Lava Point, and the unusual-for-Zion lush woods with big trees that is found there. In this area, I have seen mostly all-white ones, but also some in the more-iconic form of white inside petals and blue outside petals. Blooms June through August (? – SWColoradowildflowers.com) Instances: Northwoods, Approach to Kolob Canyon,...


Springdale Rockdaisy – Asteraceae Perityle tenella

Springdale Rockdaisy aka Jones Rockdaisy   —    Perityle tenella Family: Asteraceae Pretty common in Zion, especially on the sides of a lot of trails. Grows out of crevices in the rock. It is a perennial and has been found in Utah (only the Zion area), Arizona and Nevada. Here’s some instances: Tunnel East – June 13, 2011 Riverside Walk – July 11, 2010 Springdale Rockdaisy, Riverside Walk, July 11, 2010


Parus Trail Zion Wildflower Walk, with excuses – May 1 2012

Did a bunch of errands today, which brought me through the Park. So, yeah, why not stop and take a brief walk and maybe a few pics, see what’s blooming on the Parus trail, starting from Canyon Junction and heading south. Being about 7 pm, the sun was already behind the West Temple – good for the heat or lack thereof; not so good for getting good flower pics. So many pics here are… kinda abstract. A hefty breeze did not help – heck I...


Hunting the Elusive Bitterroot, Kolob Terrace, Zion April 2012

I had been meaning to do a flowerwalk for a couple of weeks, and finally shook free for a day, so I headed up to Kolob Terrace. It has been quite dry the last couple months, and this is my first year studying the bloom after a dry winter. I expect the bloom to be quite a bit less than what it has been the last four years – wet years. I was not prepared for what I found — what I found was amazing....