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Behunin Canyon in Winter, Plus a Peek into Echo – Mar 2001

A nuptial occasion brought an acquaintence from back east out to Zion for the weekend. Rather than spend Sunday sitting around eating, he suggested maybe a little canyoneering venture was appropriate. I’m always game as long as things are theoretical, so quickly agreed. As the date approached, I rounded up a partner for Saturday also, and the weather report looked good. Not so the weather in Salt Lake as I hit the road Friday night. The snowstorm did not let up till past Nephi and...


Another Cold Weekend in the San Rafael Swell – Feb 2001

  Had to get out of town! When the weather is consistently cold, the best way to get out is to make plans far ahead with people you don’t know real well – then you have to go. So I made plans far in the future with Charlie Oliver from Boulder, who I had known for a while but never done a trip with. Since he was driving from Boulder, my chickening out just because it was too friggin’ cold was not an option. I’d...


A Cold Weekend on the San Rafael Reef – Jan 2001

Had to get out of town! Three weeks of cold weather and no going south makes the rat a grouchy boy. Weather reports called for cold and sunny, so it looked like staying in the sun by exploring the rugged terrain up on the San Rafael Reef would be the ticket… The well-traveled route from Price to Green River, then west to the Swell brought the reef into view – with rather more snow than I was counting on. I was expecting a few pockets...


An Affair

So, we’re in the Escalante out of Harris Wash, and there’s this area called Red Breaks. It’s really no formal canyon, as much as a series of them. The rock formations are very colorful. The structure of the hike is a walkabout, follow your heart. Pitney and I, many years ago, go on over to the place. I pull basically what I pulled the other day … I ended up going in a different drainage, a little — of that, and it was very satisfying....