Latest Rave: A Canyoneering Journal: Mid-March 2001


Davis Gulch, part 3

Amazed, we found 3 more places where moki steps had been cut boldly up buttresses out of the canyon. Some of these were 100's of feet off the canyon floor. One involved a long traverse across a slab high off the ground. Yes, in a little fresher condition, I can imagine using them to exit (maybe even enter) the canyon. But cutting them? Some ritual of manhood?

Moki Steps up Buttress

Moki steps high on a buttress. Yikes!


The canyon gets big and dramatic, the bottom filled with sand cut into a sharp channel,
the upper being huge undercuts in impressive, orange sandstone.

Larry Halford heading over to Bement Arch

Bement Arch. Big. Not all that picturesque, but very, very big.

LH looking upcanyon from Bement Arch


More spectacular undercuts

Bement arch from downcanyon.


Lush greenery, red walls.


Beaver dams in Davis Gulch

Unfortunately, the pools of the beaver make trudging downcanyon difficult, the main channel choked with pools and brush. While very impressive, we soon tire of pushing through the prickers.


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