Thornton Creek
North Cascades National park
PNW Fest '07
Aug 13-19, 2007

Jane getting punished.

Jane post-punishment.

Roger on the big nasty three stage rappel. The bolted anchor takes you down the left, looking up canyon, and exposes you to some serious water. Some may say we took the "sally" approach. They may be right...

Tom on the 4th rappel, anchored off a log wedged in the canyon. Some serious hydraulics in this section.

Toofless, mastering the "stare at the rope" pose. Nice work Steve.

Steven, heading down into the abyss. From the top, this one looks super intense. Once in the water, it wasn't that bad.

Steven fighting across the watercourse.

And finally, disconnecting.

After the 5th rappel, it mellows out for awhile. Lots of pools, lots of fun.

Jane coming down the last sequence of pools (last for us, still more down canyon if you keep going.)

Thornton 1 - Thornton 2 - Thornton 3 - Thornton 4

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