Thornton Creek
North Cascades National park
PNW Fest '07
Aug 13-19, 2007

Tom getting a swirly in Thornton.

Thornton was the business. It was my favorite canyon of the trip, though some of the other festers would like to disagree. But let's be real, this thing has it all. Rapid-fire rappels, lots of water, unbelievable scenery, lots of water, crazy hydraulics, and lots of water. And the best part, the canyon is 2 miles long. Too bad only the lowest 1/4 mile has been completed. Looks like we've found ourselves some unfinished business.

But that unfinished business will have to wait another day. I'm dying to know what's up there though. If the last little bottom part is any indicator, there's a world class canyon to be had here. Of course, what do I know, I've been in the PNW for like 4 days now. Regardless, the place is killer.

Tom after the first rappel, contemplating the inevitable jump into some serious flow.

The canyon drops fast, with countless waterfalls separated by countless swirling pools. None of the raps are really straight forward, they all have something unique to them. On one, you climb onto a ledge mid rappel, pull out 10 or 15 feet of slack, and then huck yourself into the water, hoping you measured well enough to carry out the back. On another, you have to carefully navigate a chest deep pool that is sure to spin your right round. Oh yeah, and the water is loud, too.

Tom trying to keep his head up after making the leap of faith.

Bob manning the contingency anchor.

Tom, still on the first rap.

Roger heading into the gauntlet.

Roof'less Toof'less on rappel.

That's what happens when you don't give yourself enough slack.

And that's the feeling of relief when you make it across.

And now, Jane.

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