S. Fork Snoqualmie
PNW Fest '07
Aug 13-19, 2007

Jane on the Franklin Falls rappel. Notice the striking similarity to Mystery falls in the Narrows. There's even a crowd...

Snoqualmie's defining feature is definitely the rappel down Franklin Falls. The falls are a popular destination for dayhikers, and today was no exception. A field trip of elementary school students watched with much excitement and anticipation as the first ropes appeared, soon followed by some crazy canyoneers. Jane recieved a hero's welcome, with awestruck students crowding her, bombarding her with questions. It was quite the scene.

Tom watching his edge on the Franklin Falls rappel.

Roger Arhart making his way down the 70 foot rappel.

Franklin Falls, in all it's glory. And I-90. Equally glorious.

Bob Madsen, on his way down.

And one more of the falls, just for scale.

Mike emerges after a jump.

Airwalkin' Tom.

Air gaspin' Tom.

Steven, showing us how it's really done. I gave him a 9.4.

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