S. Fork Snoqualmie
PNW Fest '07
Aug 13-19, 2007

Steven Arhart on the Franklin Falls rap.

South Fork Snoqualmie could easily be considered the "Pine Creek" of the Pacific Northwest. The similarities are striking. Easy access, densely packed with action, and fairly straightforward technically. What's more, they both have highways running literally on top of them.

My experience in wet canyons is limited, having only been in a canyon with flow one other time. Snoqualmie was the perfect introduction. After pulling off Interstate 90, we suited up and made the horrendously long approach to the drop in. All 90 feet of it.

The first falls and jump in Snoqualmie. Steven exploring under a little alcove. Water was blistering cold.

The first jump is 12 feet, into an ice-cold pool, with a nice falls cascading in from above. Immediately, the clarity of the water and beauty of the canyon impressed me. But Steven found the depth of the pool to be far more interesting, and immediately jumped in. Let the games begin!

Mama Arhart all smiles after a "better-than-coffee" jump into Snoqualmie.

After the first jump, the canyon gets narrow for a little ways, and the scenery impresses. Beautiful clear water, tumbling cascades, and dozens of deep emerald pools. The canyon ebbs and flows with character. Sometimes steep and narrow, other times flat and casual. Waterfall rappels are quickly followed by exciting jumps. Snoqualmie has a little of everything.

Mike Cutcliff tentatively traversing a beautiful cascade and pool.

Mike soaking up some rays in an emerald pool.

Steven enjoying the view in a section of calmer waters.

Steven is the master of impromptu freestyle canyoneering. Extra style points for the log traverse and jump into another beautiful pool.

The "Oh!" face. Yeah, that's cold.

Tom makes the jump as well, trying to keep his contacts from freezing in place.

The first 30 foot rappel into a swimmer. Tom on the ropes.

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