Gorge Creek
North Cascades National park
PNW Fest '07
Aug 13-19, 2007

Steven sliding on down.

The face says it all...

Jane gets her chance to shower off.

Ah, that's better.

Roger, the superhero Canyoneer emerges from Gorge creek.

Another jump from one of the Arharts.

Roger and Bob cleaning up the mess, after completing the technical section.

The Emperor, taking the obligatory dip in one of Gorge's lower pools.

Steven doing what Steven does best.

And 400 yards later, Gorge is a done deal. We settled down on the shores of the lake for a little lunch and some rock tossing. I don't mean to brag, but I had the best arm of the group, no doubt. Steven thought he could hang, but he can't. After all, he's a soccer player. After humbling him in the rock-chuck, we set up a little wager on who could kick a rock the farthest. Of course, I gave him honors, which he gracefully accepted.  He dug up a nice round rock and teed it up ever so precisely on the edge of a 10 foot enbankment. Apparently Steve didn't realize that kicking rocks actually hurts. Short of the long, he ended up on his back at the bottom of the ravine, while the rest of us choked on our lunches laughing. He won the kicking contest handily.

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