Gorge Creek
North Cascades National park
PNW Fest '07
Aug 13-19, 2007

Tom heads into the abyss.

Gorge isn't particularly difficult from a technical standpoint, but it certainly has interesting problems to deal with. Noise is probably the hardest one. Once your down in the gorge, the roar of the water is deafening, and communication becomes difficult. After making the ledge traverse, there is a two stage rappel, first to a chokestone, and then off an anchor back to the watercourse. Sequencing everyone through this section was an exercise in patience, as the second stage didn't have much room to stand, and the last person down had to clean the safety lines, and get down to the chokestone.

Jane on the second stage of the narrows rappels.

Bob going deeper into the gorge.

And finally, the narrows. Jane taking a dip.

Ahh, how refreshing.

Tom coming down the gorge.

Another floating disconnect in freezing water...

The two rappels into the gorge leave you at the bottom of the watercourse, which is about 12 feet wide. Lots of fun little downclimbs and obstacles in this section, which soon takes the group to the last rappel. Instead of rapping out of direct impact of the water like the last raps, this one is right in the full force for the first five feet.

Roger's hand. He's in there somewhere.

Steven slipping in behind the veil of water.

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