Denny Creek
PNW Fest '07
Aug 13-19, 2007

Mike, still wet.

The two waterfalls in Denny really are quite spectacular. The second has a nice rooster tail that begs for a full face shot. I would've expected Roger to successfully get in it's path, but he failed us, as did the rest of the crew. We didn't fail to stick a rope though. Bob volunteered to be the lucky guy to climb back up and around to unstick it. Fortunately, this canyon wasn't super committing, so you can exit the watercourse and climb up and around fairly easy. It was to be the only stuck rope of the week. Well, except that one I forgot to tie a pull cord to, but that doesn't count.

Mike finishing off the second rappel. Rooster tail on top.

Yep. It's wet. So Mike is definitely in it.

And finally, Bob gets wet for a few seconds.

The Emperor himself, enjoying a more casual rappel.

Like Mike. If I could be like Mike...

Ah yes, there's Roger. Making his cameo appearance for the day.

Denny was short and sweet. Good thing, because a three hour drive awaited us to arrive at North Cascades National Park, home of the next two days of canyons. Stay tuned, these ones are good 'uns.

Denny 1 - Denny 2

Snoqualmie - Denny - Gorge - Thornton - Cypress

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