Denny Creek
PNW Fest '07
Aug 13-19, 2007

Steven Arhart getting sprinkled on the first rappel in Denny.

Denny Creek is the equivalent of Snoqualmie's less attractive roommate. You don't mind hanging out with her as long as the good looking one is there too, but you certainly wouldn't go out of your way to just hang out with Denny. Well, we had a day to kill, and since nobody was really feeling like driving 3 hours south to Davis creek just for the day, we settled for Denny. It took us about 4 minutes to get there from camp.

This canyon isn't that bad, but it's hard to call it great when there are other goodies so close by. This one never really shuts down into narrows, but rather is exposed to the full sun most of the day. Denny holds its own with a couple of spectacular waterfall rappels, and a lot of spectators dying to be entertained. And with the Arharts around, entertained they were.

Tom going stealth mode on us. Check out the form. Textbook I tell ya, textbook.

The beauty shot for the day, Jane getting wet.

No photoshop here, that's Mike riding the rainbow.

Mike getting soaked.


This canyon's short, so we gotta get our money's worth. Mike again, this time getting the full force.

Bob "I wear a wetsuit, but I ain't getting wet" Madsen, on the first rappel.

Steven, not walking on water, but close. He actually is jumping into this pool, but it looks like he is floating.

Steven on the second rappel. Me on camera duty, not watching my exposure as I dangle over the edge...

After spending inordinate amounts of time in every ounce of water in the canyon, Mike was proclaimed "most likely to get hypothermic" for the day. Seriously, no drop went untouched.

Denny 1 - Denny 2

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