Cypress Creek
Vancouver, Canada
PNW Fest '07
Aug 13-19, 2007

Jane taking her turn in the skull-buster.

As we were enjoying the last rappel of the canyon, the group slowly noticed that everyone wasn't there... Bob, Mike, and Donna had slipped off behind us, and weren't catching up. Come to find out later, Donna had broken her ankle when she slipped on a boulder. Mike and Bob were busy setting up a hauling system to get her out of the canyon. Blast, not a good way to end the canyon.

What's more, it's prudent to rig a retrievable anchor on this rappel so that there is nothing left behind for the ill-prepared public to stumble on. Well, we decided we would rig a "run around" anchor. That is, the kind where you set up the rappel, and after we finish the canyon, Steve runs back around and cleans it. Well, for some reason, I thought that meant you don't actually pull the rope, but you just get it later. After I made it to the bottom, I learned that isn't what that means. Note to self, don't leave ropes behind, especially in swift waterfalls.

Mama Arhart on the climax of the trip.

Steven, enjoying the last jump of the week.

The ankle. Donna, hope the recovery is quick.

Well, it was clear that the group dynamics were breaking down. We had been driving all week, sleeping in parking lots, and hanging out in the rankest smelling neoprene imaginable, and now we were forgetting to pull our ropes. Add that to the fact Donna broke her ankle, and we were at least 16 hours driving from home, and we decided the karma was stacking up against us. Luckily, Bob and Mike were able to get Donna up and out of the canyons. The rest of the group went up to assist in getting her back to the cars. It wasn't exactly the picture perfect ending to the trip. As we all licked our wounds in the parking lot, it was obvious the games were over. Donna was on her way to the hospital in Washington, and it looked like the rest of the groups were ready to head home.

And thus Pacific Northwest Fest came to an abrupt end.

Well almost. We still had that drive home...

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