Cypress Creek
Vancouver, Canada
PNW Fest '07
Aug 13-19, 2007

Ziff, heading into the rooster tail. The best rap of the week, no question.

After a casual series of raps and swims, the real gem of the canyon comes into play. A 70 foot rappel down a raging waterfall, anchored right off a viewing platform where the public can enjoy the scene. The walls shut down tight, constricting all the water through a narrow pour off, that sends a rooster tail spitting out 20 feet from the wall. As you rappel down, the force of the water gets stronger and stronger. It tops out the scale as a definite head-pounder.

Ziff, entering the punisher.

Farther down.

Matt takes a face shot. C'mon man, look up! It's good for the pics!

Boo! I said look up, not down you wuss.

Matt, an able kayaker, ain't never seen this kinda white water.

Finally, he looked up. Nice work Matt.

And down he goes.

A good look at the rooster tail, Tom and Ziff at the bottom, Matt on the ropes.

Matt again. Thanks for looking up for the photographer. Just killer.

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