Cypress Creek
Vancouver, Canada
PNW Fest '07
Aug 13-19, 2007

Porteau Cove at sunrise. Our place to camp for the night.  That is, if you call it camping.

One last canyon, one last commute. But word on the street is you'd have to be nuts to miss a chance to do Cypress. Well, we ain't nuts, so we made the last long drive to the land of the Maple Leaf in search of glorious canyon fame. Unfortunately, that means a convenient stop at the border, which makes the drive even longer. Ugh.

We finally made into Vancouver well after sunset. And now, where to camp? There isn't exactly good camping around here. So we headed farther north. We stopped and asked for advice. Porteau Cove was the closest, something like 30 minutes up the road. Good enough, we'll take it. We pulled in around 11:00 pm after I missed about a dozen turns. The rockstars weren't working anymore. But finally, we found some camping. Hmm, what would you know, the campground is jam packed, not a space to be found. We make a few laps and analyze the situation. After bartering with a few of the other campers, we secure a couple of walk in sites. And by walk in, they mean just that. You have to walk to get to them. Unfortunately, the night we have to walk to our campsite, we got our first taste of the dreaded PNW weather patterns, and it started to rain. I ended up sleeping in my car in the parking lot, while the rest braved the storm in tents.

After a long night, the weary crew made the trip back down to Vancouver. We were planning to meet the legend Ziff, and his equally legendary buddy, Matt, at the trailhead around 9. Donna McMackin and Mike Cutliff were also going to join us for the day, so it looked like a good sized group. We wasted no time taking over the parking lot prepping our gear.

Cypress is literally located in the heart of a city. Seriously. You pull up into a little park in the suburbs, with moderately sized houses all around, and a few public tennis courts down the hill. A nicely worn trail dips off into the woods, where the sound of rushing water beckons the canyoneer. Or the morning jogger.

The scene must be puzzling for the locals, out for their morning exercise. Pulling into the parking lot, they find cars from all over. Washington, Utah, and Vancouver. Neoprene, ropes, and harnesses are chaotically spread out across the parking stalls. And then a bunch of half naked people just chilling on their portable chairs. No doubt, the locals were curious. And the reply was inevitably "You guys are doing what?"

But don't be fooled by the neighborhood, this canyon is still impressive. The river pours through the suburban park, and down a nice sized gorge, with the goodies being a mile or two long. A grab bag of canyoneering obstacles awaits.

Steven on the first rappel.

Newcomer to the group, Donna McMackin joined us for the day.

Steve, back in typical form. Crooked helmet, and teeth back in place. Still poses well though...

Matt, getting a taste of his first technical canyon. Roger with the watchful eye...

Mike making easy work of the 2nd rappel.

Me Tarzan. Me want Jane.

Matt getting sprinkled on the third rappel.

The sprinkle gets a little bigger...

Ziff ain't bashful about getting a little wet.

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