Happy Dog / Poe Canyon Oct 2009 (2)

At the top of Happy Dog is a CRAZY arch - so we spent some time admiring and picture-taking.

Sandstone swirls on the roof of da arch.

The gang, in the window of the Happy Dog Arch.

We suited up and headed downcanyon.

Happy Dog is a mighty fine canyon. Didn't take many pictures, as it seemed we were in a hurry, but took a couple. Here, Dan is doing an "assisted Matrix move", using momentum and a helping hand to dash around the side of a pothole. Thank you Caleb for your fine assist! (Oh, and thank you for helping Dan, too).

There was less water than last fall, which meant the wetsuits were largely superfluous, and we had too much stuff. The Dog has some physical sections which we paid for in sweat. Here's one of them.

Ram, looking at a deep pothole. Passed using a potshot toss and much grunting. The scale of the Dog is tight and friendly, mostly, with a fair amount of stemming and a couple high-stemming spots (PG+?). We were able to descend the Dog without using any of the several bolts from the "Golden Age" descenders.

Final rap, into a marvelous alcove. Lots of Poison Ivy getting out of here.

Last Man Down: Sonny, being a lightweight, gets to go last on the questionable anchors.

Then we hiked back to camp, ate dinner and slept.


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