Pine Creek Canyon, Zion - May 31, 2009

Randi was in Zion with a couple of Californiac friends, and invited me for some fun. I had a class in Yankee Doodle on Saturday, but joined Randi, Kelley from San Fran, and Jay from Death Valley for a quick Keyhole and Pine Creek on Sunday, with an earlyish finish so they could start driving home at a 'reasonable' hour.

The gnats in Yankee Doodle were aggravatingly vicious!!!

I passed on Keyhole and met the group to start Pine Creek about 10:30 am, which gave us pretty good light in the slot. Here's Kelley on the midpoint of the first rappel. Bad rope-eating crack here!!

Setting up the rap before the Cathedral.

Randi going over the edge into the cathedral.

Down into the big pool. Thankfully the water was fresh and cold, so putrefication had not yet started.

Kelley hanging at the top of the cathedral rap.

Pools, rock, light... Made the canyon nice...


Pine 1 == Pine 2
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