Yosemite Snake Dike, August 2008 - Page 8: Canyon of the Vaginas
Last stop on the trip...

A few years back, Alicia had read about a female-empowered rock art site in the middle of Nevada in a Tim Robbins book. Fictional? Mythical? True? Hard to say. We tracked down the coordinates and happened to be passing nearby, ...

Not a whole lot of "rock" out here, but near the mouth of the canyon, a nice kinda abstract panel...

Detail, left side.

Detail, right side.

Finally, a bit of the female anatomy petroglyphs...

Another abstract panel nearby...

Abstract panel with a couple-a vaginas shown.

Panel with two V's -

with a closeup of the left one.

A few other lines and abstracts were in the area.

Back near the entrance, a Vaginaglyph with a deep hole.

And as always, a few gringo-glyphs in the area.

Thanks for visiting, catch you on the flip-flop. - Tom

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