Spring in Zion - March 2007
Spring has been amazingly dry and warm, here in the land of Zion. Got a couple of trips in, down in the Park. For your entertainment - a Pine Creek trip, a quick run up Angels Landing, and a jaunt to the Subway.

Pine Creek with Jason and Greg, March 3rd

Greg Cornelius really wanted to do Pine Creek with flow, so after a little precip reported, he rounded up Jason Robertson and I for a Pine Creek. Uh, no flow, sorry Greg...

The new Zion Adventure Company on Lion Blvd, under construction.

We suited up and started into Pine Creek. Before we got to the bridge, we found a stinky surprise.

Anything in the sun was snow-free, but here in the depts of the canyon, there was a bit of snow. We arrived to the start of the first rappel pool etc. My normal climb up and hop-across was not going to work. We pulled out a rope and sequenced Greg down ONTO the pool, but he broke through...

Jumping into the hole just did not seem like such a good idea. So I headed back upcanyon, past our smelly friend, up around the side to set a rope off a tree. Harder than it sounds. I was able to rap down to the first anchor. Jason came around and set up the retrieval. Then the rope got stuck. Jason pendulummed back to the ledge before the pool, ran back around, reset the rappel longer and came down to join us. In the meantime, Greg was patiently hanging out on the ice, getting a bit cool. Finally, we got the rope retrieved, the first rap set up and the adventure underway...

Here's Jason on the second part of the first rappel.

Cathedral rappel.


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