North Wash Slots and Black Holes
The End and The Beginning, 2003-2004 - Part Two

A new tradition. The Black Hole for New Years. We did a few other things, then onto the Black Hole.

As usual, the warning sign was flattened, lying in the sand.

For those not familiar with it, the Black Hole is usually a romp, with a couple of long swims. Usually done without a rope, it makes a great, low-technicality canyoneering adventure. Or DID. A flash flood in September, 2003 stacked a whole bunch of loose wood debris into the deepest, narrowest part of the Black Hole. This creates considerable difficulties, and we ended up doing a 50 foot rappel (good thing we brought a backup rope, eh?).

Warning Sign
Here's the Warning Sign, laying in the sand.

No trip to the Black Hole would be complete without the presence of Mr. Black.

The man, the myth...

Hiking into White Canyon

Vlad and Dave Black getting ready to swim.
Getting ready to hit the water.

Mr. Ram getting down
Ram climbing down into the first pool.

Mr. Black getting down
And into the good stuff we go.


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