Tommy's Zion Summercamp September 2003

Did a few things before blowing the knee.

Took a bunch of kids down Birch Hollow, as a start...

Kelsey Stone rappin'
Here's a little rappel for a cute kid...
Click HERE for a big version.

Now, onto the soapbox. A bit early, but I'll try to dispense with it quickly. Birch was first descended (at least for our little group) by Kip and Brandon, and they did an outstanding job of building natural anchors and not needing bolts. Recently, it has been all bolted up. Gotta admit, whoever did it at least did a good job, but... Here's the first bolt anchor, a full 10 feet away from a perfectly good pinch. (I added a sling to the pinch to make it more obvious).

Extraneous bolt anchor for short drop in Birch.

What were they thinking!!
Extremely difficult to locate and use pinch anchor in Birch - NOT! This is about as obvious, easy to use and bomber as they get.

fuzzy wuzzy wuz a bear.
Here's our crew.

La jeune fille en rappel
Randi brought her delightful progeny along.
Mom and daughter simul-rappel.
Click HERE for a big pic.

Are we there yet?
Ms. Erica Stone en Rappel, looking just a bit nervous.
Click HERE for a big pic.

Next day, did Keyhole with Ken and his kids. Then did Pine Creek with Randi and her kids, and Paul and Steve.

Are we there yet?
In the bowels of Pine Creek. Photo: Paul Neiman.

Are we there yet?
The Grand Cathedral Rappel in Pine Creek. Photo: Paul Neiman.


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