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The Grim Swim

Alternative Anchoring

Wet Canyons
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Beyond Helmets
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Double Coil

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Kelsey Plateau, 4th ed.

Van Tilburg & Annerino

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to America's newest Journal of Canyoneering. Our objective is to foster communication in the canyoneering community, promote safe travel in our beautiful canyons, and encourage preservation of the wilderness nature of the canyons of the Colorado Plateau.

The use of bolts is a divisive issue in the Utah canyoneering community. My lead editorial discusses the issues behind the division, and asks you to consider your actions carefully, before reaching for the kit. Dave Black's Alternative Anchoring article shows some creative alternatives that all canyoneers should have in their repertoire. I'm sure this will not be the end of discussion on this issue - Canyoneering USA is looking for thoughtful discussion of issues from all points of view. If you have something to say, we're interested.

In this issue you will also find Canyoneering in Albania, thoughts from getting stuck for a few days in Zion, explorations of wet, mountain canyons in Colorado, and much more. Enjoy.

Can the wilderness nature of the Colorado Plateau Canyons be preserved? Its up to you.   by Tom Jones

The Grim Swim
Albania's answer to the Black Hole - exploring limestone canyons in Albania.  by Dave Black

Alternative Anchoring
A little creativity allows you to build natural anchors in almost any situation.  by Dave Black

Wet Canyons of Colorado
Water World at 10,000 feet  by Charlie Oliver

Beyond Helmets and Harnesses
Creativity is the basis of Canyoneering Gear  by Michael Henkin

The Canyoneering Double Coil
Managing your rope by coiling twice.  by Tom Jones

Book Reviews
Michael Kelsey- 4th ed. Colorado Plateau.
The Good, The Bad, and the Somewhat Unattractive  by Brian Cabe

Van Tilburg and Annerino
Two Canyon Hiking Books that are what they are.  by Charles Wyman

The Black Book
Some early descents in Zion - excerpts from the Black Book.

Canyoneering USA is a 100% volunteer operation. Thanks to all the authors and people behind the scene. We seek articles of interest to canyoneers, and we pay nothing. But think of the fame, the respect and the adoration of your peers. Next Issue release target is August 1, 2001. Click Here for submittal guidelines and suggestions.

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************* WARNING *************
Some of the ideas discussed here involve techniques that require substantial judgement and experience to apply safely in the field. No written guide can replace experience and judgement. Canyoneering is dangerous, and it is critical that each canyoneer consider their actions in the field very carefully. Carefully evaluate any techniques shown on this website in a safe and forgiving environment.

************* WARNING *************

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