Canyoneering USA is a new e-magazine seeking to foster communication in the canyoneering community, promote safe travel in our beautiful canyons, and encourage preservation of the wilderness nature of the canyons of the Colorado Plateau.

Premier Issue, March 2001

In addition to quarterly issues chock full of interesting articles, the Canyoneering USA site will include a number of (as yet kinda rough) ongoing features focusing on news, accidents and safety. This page is the key to navigating those features, and provides access to the various business aspects of the magazine, of interest to editorial and financial contributors.

News and Safety Center Index Page

Canyoneering USA is a cooperative, non-profit effort. We seek input from a wide range of canyoneers and are always looking for interesting contributions. Look at the Request for Articles page for some ideas, or shoot me something you think would be stimulating for people.

Statement of Objectives and Request for Articles
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Financial Statement, March 2001

Canyoneering USA is a Shareware operation. There is no charge for reading, and we carry no advertising (yet!). Our modest expenses are covered by donations.

If you find value in this enterprise, please make a donation.
Send donations to: Tom Jones, 341 N Center St #6, Salt Lake City, UT 84103. Please makes checks payable to "Tom Jones", and indicate that it is a donation to Canyoneering USA. The latest financial information is available by Clicking Here.

Canyoneering USA supports the American Canyoneering Association, and encourages all canyoneers to join the "canyons" email group at Yahoo Groups.











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