Some historical tidbits related to canyoneering in Utah


Historical Photographs -

While working on my Zion book, I came across the National Park Service Archive of Historical Photos. I found a few of them pretty interesting, so I made up a Latest Rave Zion Historical Page about them.


Morning Report Excerpts -

The Morning Report is an NPS internal report that includes accidents and incidents in the National Park System. The NPS recently decided that listing people's names violated their privacy, so they removed from public access their morning report archive. I got some of the good stuff, but not all of it. Here are some reports that you might find interesting:

1992       1993       1994

January to June 1995    
July to December 1998    
January to June 1999    
January to May 2000     June, July & August 2000     Sept to December 2000    
January to June 2001     July and August 2001     August to December 2001    
January to June 2002     July to December 2002
January to June 2003    

Pine Creek Incident, July 2008    


Historic Artifacts

clic for 1938 Card Images

Zion Postcard Set from 1938

This is a 20-image postcard set from 1938. It was meant to be sent as a packet. There's a bit of text inside, plus a fold out string of postcard-sized images, but they are printed on both sides. Printed on textured paper, the images look like they are oil paintings done from photographs, or maybe hand-tinted photographs.

clic for 1960 Trail Guide

1960 Zion Guide to Trails

A Zion Trail Guide from about 1960. Thanks to Leif Bennett for scanning, typing and posting this interesting booklet.


The Black Book

Zion National Park has long been a center of canyoneering in the USA. One of the unique aspects of the Zion scene is The Black Book, a collection of trip reports kept at the visitor center, that makes for interesting reading on those rare rainy days in Zion.

Here are a few excerpts from The Black Book. Some are from the current Black Book, and some from 'alternative sources'. Here's what we have for you this time around:

Mystery Canyon - June, 1986
Heaps Canyon - October, 1982
Heaps Canyon - July, 1991
Heaps Canyon - June, 1995
The Great West Canyon - July 17, 1965
The Great West Canyon First Descent - June 1966 Part One
The Great West Canyon First Descent - June 1966 Part Two

Mountain of Mystery, 1961 Zion NP Brochure

And some other stuff:

Behunin Canyon - December 28, 1974
Behunin Canyon - June 20, 1978
Pine Creek (no date)
Oak Creek, Righthand Canyon - December 30, 1971
Virgin River Narrows - June 5 - 6, 1976


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