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Imlay Rope Silo 2014 Changes

Moving to a new factory has allowed me to re-work details of the product line, including the Rope Silos. In many ways, they are the same as the previous Silos, but with a few subtle changes that I think make them considerably better.  Here are the changes:   1. Top Rim: I have taken out the nylon wire around the top of the rim. When I originally designed the Rope Silos, I focused on making them very stiff so they were easy to stuff. But...


Rope water absorption tests – Polyester vs. Nylon

Polyester vs. Nylon Ropes – Which Absorb More Water? How much water does a rope absorb? It has always seemed that polyester ropes hold less than nylon ropes, but is this actually true? How big is that difference? I decided to find out yesterday… Rope Water Absorption Test – July 13, 2011 Test Method: At least 30m of a particular rope is coiled, weighed, then immersed in a cooler full of water, and held under by weights, for one hour (+10 min, – 0 min)....


Sterling ATS – a rappel device for canyoneering, reviewed

Sterling gave me an ATS, their new Pirana-inspired rappel device, to try out. Here is my report to Sterling (slightly edited): Matt Andrews Sterling Ropes, Biddeford Maine August 31, 2010 Dear Matt – Thank you for the opportunity to try out the ATS descender. I am a big fan! Test Conditions I have been able to get a few canyons in, and then we had an epic, and then we cleaned up after the epic which gave it a good workout. The log is: –...